Pipe and Pipe Fittings

We offer robust industrial pipe options that are resistant to high temperature, pressure and corrosive chemicals, in accordance with international standards, so that your processes can operate uninterruptedly and safely in your facility.

We offer a wide range of pipe fittings that are often needed in the energy, iron and steel, paper and cement industries. We provide high quality, reliable pipe connection equipment in accordance with international standards with all quality certificates.

We are at your service to meet all your industrial piping needs, including line pipe, natural gas pipe, heat transfer pipe, high pressure pipes.

Product Categories


Pipe and Pipe Fittings


Steam and Gas Turbines




Ash Conveying Systems

Gas Analyzer and Auxiliary Equipment

Fans and Compressors

Heat Exchanger and Other Heat Transfer Equipment

Various Special Alloy Sheet/Plate

Electricity and Automation

Flue Gas Sulfur Treatment Plant